What was happening in 1974 – besides the invention of the Post-it® Note and the debut of People magazine?  Well, all history nuts can tell you that Ted Case and Bill Dunlap started Case-Dunlap Enterprises on September 8, 1974, in Dallas, Texas.  The 2-man shop sold t-shirts to fraternities and sororities and serviced a few corporate accounts. Soon after launching the business, it became apparent there was a strong market for branded promotional products beyond t-shirts, so the company enjoyed its first of what would soon become many expansions.

A few years into the operation, the company began to grow by hiring promotional product sales people and saw a consistent, healthy increase in sales year after year.  Approximately eight years after the company was launched, they began to experiment with importing promotional products directly from factories in China versus the industry standard practice of utilizing domestic suppliers.

Some time after that, the company expanded further through a new service offering —sales incentive programs. This, too, proved to be a lucrative area and performance marketing programs now account for over half of the company’s revenue.   

Steady client need resulted in yet more organic growth and the consumer promotions group took shape as the agency’s third core competency.

Continued acquisitions and growth resulted in a family of businesses representing multiple brands.  In 2001, the Case Dunlap companies were rebranded and unified under a single brand platform:  Tic Toc – The Imagination Company, Tomorrow’s Original Creations.

Today, all of Tic Toc’s business units continue to flourish – always building on the original vision that was fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, focusing on client needs, doing the right thing and always (always) having fun.

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