navistar accelerate

Situation: Navistar, a manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, diesel engines and recreational vehicles) asked Tic Toc to lead them in creating a new incentive program and online platform for their dealer network in North America.

Insight: By integrating key educational materials, quizzes and numerous sales-based reward programs, Tic Toc created the Accelerate program.

Execution: This program utilizes reloadable debit cards to recognize and awards Navistar dealers.  By implement a “pass & pay” strategy, Tic Toc enables Navistar to train on specific selling points, each relevant to its corresponding sales incentive.  By empowering the dealers with the knowledge to close the sales in a competitive environment, the Accelerate program allows Navistar to stand above the competition.

Results: To date, the program has paid out millions of dollars to thousands of deserving dealers – supporting more than 100 recognition programs. 

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