boston market crew recognition

Situation: Navigating QSR operations is never an easy task.  Keeping hourly employees engaged, motivated and loyal is a tall order – but one that Boston Market HR and Tic Toc take seriously.

Insight: Engagement starts with employees having fun and feeling a genuine sense of appreciation and self-worth.  Training and peer-to-peer recognition are powerful tools – delivering opportunities for the crew to work together to deliver tangible and intangible rewards.

Execution: An “At Our Best” messaging and training board is posted in the store’s common area and becomes the heart and brains of the recognition efforts.  Training content and reinforcement is posted for all to view.  The board also provides fill-in-the-blanks for the manager to write in crew members demonstrating “who is living our values”.  A discussion area allows the manager to write in steps the team is taking to support Boston Market values.  Each month, the employee with most mentions on the board earns a pin.  A collectible series of lapel pins were created specifically for this program – each featuring one of the six Boston Market values.


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