shell lubricants owner/operator incentives

Situation: Shell lubricants are sold through quick lube installers who can affect consumer purchase decisions.  But installers have any number of brands to recommend to their customers.  Shell wanted to provide incentives to drive suggestive selling and increased purchases of Shell Lubricants.

Insight: The quick lube owner/operators are not only responsible for purchases of Shell Lubricants, they can influence training, recognition and rewards at the store level.  By providing purchase incentives, Shell can reward owners who can then encourage higher levels of performance in their stores.

Execution: Race to Rewards was introduced as an online rewards program allowing owners to earn points for their Shell Lubricants purchases.  A monthly validation process awards points that are then banked in individual online accounts.  Points can be redeemed for any number of awards – merchandise, Shell-branded items, gift cards, travel, sports and entertainment tickets.  Owners use the points and awards to support consumer promotions and sales incentives executed in their stores.

Results: Now in its 6th year, Race to Rewards has become a vital part of establishing and fostering strong relationships within the installer channel.   It not unusual for stores to see triple digit sales increases during promotions supported with incentives executed through the Race to Rewards program.

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