dallas mavericks

Situation: The Dallas Mavericks were looking for a way to connect with fans and provide them with significant and ongoing value.

Insight: We knew that our new Augmented Reality (A/R) technology would be able to provide that connection along with the ongoing interaction opportunities the Mavs were wanting. 

Execution: The Mavs “Tip Off” promotion utilized A/R paired with Mavs-branded slap band bracelets. Tic Toc produced the slap bands, which included embedded links to virtual games, favorite player videos and prize-winning opportunities. Fans simply downloaded the app, scanned the imprints on their bands and their mobile device displayed awesome Mavs virtual content.

Results: Tic Toc produced 100,000 slap bands for distribution to Mavs fans over 10 home games, making happy Mavs fans even happier!

Feedback: "We are excited to bring this new, fun technology to our fans and add an extra element of engagement for them with Mavs players and supporters outside the arena" - Mavs owner Mark Cuban

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