pizza hut

Situation: Pizza Hut was looking for a unique way to communicate the launch of their new SCALE project designed to help individual restaurants achieve their maximum operations potential.

Insight: We wanted to give the restaurants an unusual view of the program initiatives, in the form of a keepsake product that could be used again as additional communications were issued. So we thought “view”, “keepsake”, “unique” – sounds like custom Image3D viewers!

Execution: Tic Toc produced a branded Image3D viewer and a custom 3D image disc to create excitement around SCALE’s launch messaging. Along with “ship-ready” custom packaging and print materials inside, the entire kit was an exciting communication vehicle for an important project.

Results: Tic Toc produced the Image3D viewers with custom image discs and custom packaging. Everything was kitted with a printed insert and guide map, then drop-shipped to multiple U.S. locations. Phase 2 of the project will feature a new custom image disc announcing the next achievement steps.

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